GWL 10th September 1915

Yesterday a great event took place just by a small village near here.  Three brothers met.  In other words the warrior Frank arrived about noon with his braves and the gallant Peter and I took horse and went to greet him.  He was very well and full of war.  He went up to the trenches for a “look see” last night.  Rather a remarkable meeting don’t you think?…….

Please send me another box of razor blades and a book.  I have read an awful lot lately.  An aeroplane had the sauce to drop bombs round here the other day, drat him.”

Having three brothers meet on the Western Front was probably a fairly unusual event.  Frank (publishers grandfather) was serving in the 1st Battalion  Yorks and Lancs Regiment, probably as a captain at the time.

{next post 12th September}

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