GWL 8th September 1915

A concert is going on – very varied programme.  Oh please thank Mozzer for the lavender bag.  There is a noisome smell here and it comes in very handy.

My riding school s a great success.  They are getting very sore, some of them.  They can either ride or do physical training with the company in the morning.  The extraordinary thing is that none of them have fallen off yet.  One of the grooms came down today, the fool horse tried to push the jump down.  My small pony jumps awfully well, he is a nice little beast and awfully friendly.  He rejoices in the name of “Harry”.

There is no news – awfully hot the last few days.  The early mornings are perfectly lovely.  Just misty and nice and cool.  Send me another book, will you – I like the Kipling hugely.  We went to nearly all the places, didn’t we?”

{next post 10th September}

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