GWL 6th September 1915

It has been a lovely day.  I have a charming book (From Sea to Sea) and my landlady is going to mend the holes in my pants.  So all is right with the world except that I am away from you.

I have instituted riding school in the morning before breakfast for my subalterns, none of whom can ride!  Peter also attends and is very dashing.  Tremendous excitement yesterday – An aeroplane came down quite close to here.  He said he was a Belgian, but people did not believe him & so he was carted off.  The plane has gone now, so I suppose he was what he said.  Plenty bad men about these days and one cannot be too careful.

A bally mouse has got a spite against me.  He gnaws the wall paper just above my head and when I arise to strafe him, he runs out of reach.  Too bad, isn’t it?  We had a very nice little “makee pray” last Sunday.”

“From Sea to Sea” is a two volume collection of Kipling’s letters and travel reports.

{next post 8th September}

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