GWL 31st August 1915

Rather a lot of gunning to-day, why I don’t know.  I wonder how many people will shoot partridge to-morrow?  It would be rather pleasant to pot instead of generally being potted at.

I do hope Major Conner’s Xray thing will be satisfactory, although I am rather afraid it must be serious.  Has anybody heard anything of the worthy Captain Frank Power lately?  I wonder when his lordship is thinking of taking ship for Boulogne or some other spot on the coast of this bug infested land.  The 29th was his birthday and I had intended to write to the lad but failed…….. The Sherlock Holmes story is fine.  Thank you so much for it, also for “Trent’s Last Case” which I have just begun and which came along with a most lovely parcel.”

X-rays were discovered towards the end of the 19th Century by Roentgen but it was the French physicist Marie Curie who realised the benefits of X-rays in aiding the treatment of wounded soldiers during the War.  The “new” technology enabled bullets and shrapnel, principally in head injuries, to be located, aiding surgical removal.


“Trent’s Last Case” is a detective novel written by EC Bentley and published in 1913.  It was subsequently made into a film three times.

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