GWL 29th August 1915

Very wet afternoon after a lovely morning.  However it looks a trifle finer than it did.  Your husband is quite well, thank you, but once again in need of a bath.  Many skitties, roused to wrath by the pungency of the royal pipe, are making themselves a thorough nuisance.  When this is finished, they shall be “strafed” – Certain amount of bombing going on our left – Hope it does not spread.  There is absolutely not a single scrap of news.  Frogs, in which this land abounds, have the time of their small slimy lives, when the rain comes.  Where on earth they all come from, Heaven only knows.  Not a sign of them when it is dry.  Now they are all hopping round the trench.

What an extraordinary thing it is that peoples cannot live peacefully in this bally planet.”

The late summer of 1915 was a time of relative quiet on the Western Front apart from periodic sniping, shell fire and mine activity.

{next post 31st August}

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