GWL 26th August 1915

A lovely day.  Quite hot.  It is beginning to get cold at night now and every morning there is a thick mist.  You must have heard that Major Conner is in England.  I am so glad.  I wonder how he came to get exchanged.  The Colonel has been seedy lately & has gone away for a bit of leave and Nisbet is commanding again.

Still more aeroplanes up to-day.  All ours so far.  Alas we saw one of us shot down by the detestable huns about 5 days ago.  The poor thing just collapsed & fell from an awful height.  We have been in rather a long time already it seems & there is still a good bit to be done”.

Major Conner had been wounded and taken prisoner during the Ypres battle on May 9th.  Presumably he was subject to a prisoner exchange.

{next post 28th August}

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