GWL 24th August 1915

…….The rats and mice in this trench are truly wonderful.  They simply swarm in every hole in the parapet and dug outs.  At present we have the gramophone.  The new records are really very good.  Unfortunately the “Passing Show” one got cracked in the post, but it still plays all right, although giving out loud reports at frequent intervals.

We have had the great satisfaction of being able to shout taunts and ribald jests at the House of the Hun about his fleet in the Baltic – a really good egg.  There is absolutely no news.”

The Battle of the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic was an attempt by the German Baltic Fleet to defeat the Russian Fleet and take Riga.  This failed with the torpedoing of the German Battlecruiser “Moltke” by British submarine “E-13”.  For a nice display of WW1 Gramophones see the following link:

{next post 26th August}

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