GWL 22nd August 1915

A lovely day and plenty aeroplanes.  Thank you so much for the parcel, which is very nice.  I really do wonder if America will do anything more than talk about the Arabic.  They rather remind me of Kipling’s Bandalog’s Council.  An awful lot of chat as to their national greatness but very little “do”.  The air is full of aeroplanes all firing machine guns at each other.  Very pretty to watch, but they don’t seem to do each other much harm.  There is absolutely no news.  Peter is coming to live with me for a day or two.  That will make eight in a very small mess room.  The place has dried up again nicely now and we can go on with our little diggings.  Wherever we go we seem to have to dig; what the other fellows do when they are in I don’t know.  I am just  going to have my tea.”

Bandalog’s Council refers to Kipling’s The Jungle Book.  See below:


Mowgli inserted as leader of the Bandar-log.

{next post 24th August}

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