GWL 18th August 1915

Very well indeed.  Still a good deal of rain and everything rather slippery and muddy.  We go in again to-night.  There is absolutely no news except that the prospects of a bath for the next fortnight or so do not seem very bright;  but things change so quickly in this land of delights.  That Dardanelles despatch is good reading, isn’t it?  Everybody must have done splendidly to get on land at all, let alone stay there.  Our landlady, although hostile at first has become more friendly.  All the same she and her family make the most beastly noise.  She has a strident voice and goes about her many duties with a dash and enthusiasm laudable but nerve racking.  A very tiring person.  Food is going to be rather a problem in these trenches;  also water – scarce and bad.  Vicary drove over and saw Colonel Hobbs the other day.  Did I tell you?  I wanted to go too but could not.  Peter is in great form & very well & cheery.  So far to-day we have had no thunder.”

A cup half full view of the Gallipoli campaign!!

{next post 20th August}

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