GWL 17th August 1915

Apparently now letters, papers and parcels must not have the Brigade and Division on them.  Only the regiment and B.E.F.  They seem to delay our letters addressed otherwise for 5 days.  Could you warn the various people?  We have quite a nice little billet now;  I am in a very small attic,  but it has a bed and is quite clean.  We have had thunderstorms every day since I came back.  The old story about your husband and the lightening still holds good.  Poor Ruck has been killed.  It really is awful. Damn the war.  You won’t count on the October yarn, will you?  We have all sorts of rumours here which are knocked on the head as soon as they become really promising!  Sickening isn’t it?………….”

While George was on home leave the Allies launched a further campaign to try and make ground on the Gallipoli Peninsula under the command of General Hamilton.  The campaign commenced on August 6th with a two-pronged attack with forces under the command of General Sir Fredrick Stopford landing at Suvla Bay.  This coincided with an offensive by ANZAC forces on Sari Bair ridge.  Although the ANZAC forces made some progress in the early phase, they were eventually pushed back to their original positions by the Ottoman forces.  The Suvla Bay landing failed and Stopford was relieved of his command.  By August 15th both engagements had ended with 20,000 Allied casualties.  This was the last major Allied offensive of the Gallipoli campaign.


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