GWL 4th August 1915

[Received from GHP at Exeter brought by him from London August 7th]

To-day a year ago we were going up Korea, weren’t we?

We are in a farm now a little way back from the missiles.  Rather trying the last few days were, after the “strafe”on saturday night; we fully expected Fritz to “strafe” back in very vigorous style, but beyond a little bombing & mortaring on Monday morning there was nothing.  He gave it to another place though.  A bath has become most needful.  But seemingly no can catchee.  At six this evening there is to be a meeting of C. coy’s sports committee:  Where the prizes are coming from I don’t know.

I see in the paper that the Kaiser is bringing 140,000 men over to Flanders.  I hope he will come too.  That flame squirt is a pretty low trick.  Poor old chateau, it has seen pretty ghastly sights.  Your husband after 37 days without a bath was pretty bad.  The chance of leave is still very, very small, but no less than before.”

MHP writes: GHP came on leave, arriving 3.30 am August 7th in London.  I joined him at Exeter the same day and we went to Newquay till the 12th when we returned to London.  He went back to France on August 14th.

The Germans first used flame throwers (flammenwerfer) on July 30th in a surprise attack at Hooge.  The smaller flame thrower was used in which gas cylinders were strapped to the soldiers back. Using pressurised air and carbon dioxide or nitrogen it belched forth a stream of burning oil for as much as 18 metres.

Flame thrower

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