GWL 28th July 1915

The rain has temporarily ceased and without being too hot, it is just pleasantly warm.  The gallant Russe seems to have his back up against the wall rather.  I do hope the Germans don’t get Warsaw.  It would be a brick.  Up to to-day they have not shouted anything to the effect that they have got it.  They were right when they yelled “Lemberg” at us, so I expect we shall know it almost as soon as they do.

One of my men is a great hand at the mouth organ.  He gets the most extraordinary noises out of that homely instrument.  I rather wish I could play: I think I shall learn.

To-day reduced to drinking lemonade for tiffin – awful to relate the supply of beer has not been replenished.  The Mess President has been mildly admonished but not drinking beer, does not realise the full enormity of this grave misdeed.  The post corporal, apparently considering that I like Raphe’s letter better than my own has taken to mixing them up in the most appalling fashion.  Most of your letters come through Raphe now.  One of my subalterns, a most amusing youth, has been much troubled by a mole lately.  It scratches round his dug-out and sprinkles him with earth.”

The deteriorating situation on the Eastern Front is clearly well known on the Western Front.  Raphe is Georges younger brother previously referred to as Peter.

{next post 1st August}

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