GWL 23rd July 1915

Rather a rainy birthday, but nice and warm.  We are just off up again……… Please send me another book!  The Chronicles of the Imp are topping.  We try and start libraries in the trenches by leaving behind books we have finished. My last trench had a beauty of about 20 volumes.  I had an awful shock this afternoon.  I thought I had lost my Burberry.  Luckily it has turned up again.  The cake is so good.  I like a current inside the best I think.  The very, very dark insides worry little Mary some.

Many signs of a winter campaign, I am afraid.  There is absolutely no news.  It is not nice of Fritz to throw sausage things at us, is it?  It is a thing to which he has become rather attracted here.  Not pleasant at all.  Send me another packet of razor blades, will you?”

George’s Birthday!  “The Chronicles of the Imp” by Jeffrey Farnol published in 1915 is described as a whimsical romance and probably isn’t regarded as a literary classic!  It is likely that the “sausages” being thrown by Fritz were shells from the15cm sFH 13 (15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13) Heavy Field Howitzer (below).  The even heavier “Big Bertha” Howitzer, because of the deployment logistics, was generally used for attacks on fortifications.


{next post 28th July}

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