GWL 20th July 1915

Not at all a bad billet this time.  We had to change last night, as the inhabitants in the first one we went to were rather hostile.  They would not let us cook and one thing and another.

Peter has arrived back.  He is a charming youth.  He has a very purposeful walk, which I don’t think I have noticed before.  Ste Barbe must provide a dinner for the 23rd, I think.  The last time we were in Japan, weren’t we?……….The cake has arrived.  I have not opened it yet.  It will be opened on the day…….. Well, how is the war going?  The worthy Russe up to his neck in it.  They are a gallant crowd.  So all those bally trains never came our way at all.  They say they went back by some potty little branch line near Switzerland, where they were carefully counted……….”

{next post 22nd July}

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