GWL 19th July 1915

How are you to-day?  It has got fine with us again now.  No rain for two days.  Nearly all the remains of the old China crowd went down with malaria as soon as the rain came.  This was the feverish time in Tientsin, wasn’t it?  Master quite well, but just a little limp now and then, I think it is the place.  Mother’s parcel has arrived safely.  Peter should come back from his sojourn to-night.  It will be nice to see him again.  Last night I had the misfortune to dream that the war was over!  It quite spoilt an otherwise good night.  I suppose some day, the good Lord being willing, we shall wake up and find shooting is off.

You would laugh if you could see the little procession of officers servants when we go to and from the trenches.  My servant Eastman, whom I have had since the war began, for us, is quite a character.  He cooks and being the oldest soldier, generally runs the other servants.  Huge sacks containing old odds and ends are carted about, but what they can all be used for I cannot think.”

{next post 20th July}

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