GWL 17th July 1915

So you are now at Buxton, where the people do cures, don’t they?  Thank you so much for all the letters & the two postcards, they all came in a bunch.

Fritz bombed us with some vigour yesterday.  Big things like sausages.  You could see them coming.  I hope he does not do it again, because it makes an awful noise.  The exact spot at which the missile will fall is rather hard to determine.  I am not quite sure which I hate most, those things or the shells.  I think the War Loan Scheme an excellent one.  As you say we must be very careful not to lose the war.  The trench has just flooded with red hats.  Two generals and skits of small fry – caught Master having tiffin in shirt sleeves and a pair of waders!  Just had time to sling on a coat and an old scarf – Sallied forth looking an awful pirate.”

The War Loan referred to was probably the second War Loan issued in June 1915 by the UK Government when £901million was raised at an interest rate of 4.5%.  Elsewhere the Treaty of Alliance was signed in Sofia between Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey.  Under the Treaty Albania was ceded to Bulgaria in return for Bulgaria participating in the war.

{next post 19th July 1915}

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