GWL 11th July 1915

So glad your eye is better.  Yes, I should love to be coming too, but I have rather an important engagement in France!  Oh many fly killers have arrived.  I think they must have been sent by Dad – They are not very efficient against flies, but are fine things when a wasp comes along.  Also for annoying your friends there is nothing like them.

Peter and I are dining at the Set Barbe to-night; the first time we have hit it off.  Very windy and dull to-day.  This morning, makee pray.  Padre of the roaring lion type.  Tells most impossible stories, which of course the men don’t believe.  We caught him the other day and told him he really ought to refrain from telling obvious untruths in his sermons.  He got quite annoyed and insisted that it was quite possible for a man to be bitten by a snake through a leather gaiter, when going full gallop on a horse!  Some snake — We go up again tomorrow.  I hope the rain will keep off as everything gets so slippery – Especially the wooden floorboards.”

{next post 12th July}

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