GWL 29th June 1915

Back again in the Palais Royale quite a surprise, as we thought we were going up again for some time.  True we have to go up again to-morrow night and to-night we have to dig, but it is better than sitting in an old trench –

This morning I took the gallant Peter to the cafe Ste Barbe, where we consumed beer!  I was going to give him dinner there, but this little bit of gardening has knocked it on the head……………

The poppies are still lovely – Fritz much the same as usual except that now he goes about at night between the lines in parties of about 15.  He is rather out for blood, as one battalion the other night bagged the whole 15.  Jolly good work.

So Bulgaria is coming in and possibly Roumania.  I wonder nobody has suggested the end of the world; perhaps they have all had too much to think about.  Fritz has put one or two shells in here to-day, rather more than usual.  I do hope he is not going to set to work and knock the place down.  That would be most inconsiderate.”

Interestingly Bulgaria didn’t enter the war until mid-October and Rumania August 1916. The First Battle of the Isonzo had commenced.  The Italians launched an offensive against the Austro-Hungarian forces along the line of the Isonzo river.  Despite a 2:1 numerical advantage the offensive failed.

{next post 30th June}

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