GWL 25th June 1915

Have you seen the extraordinary announcement in the papers?  It is very nice of them, but why I cannot think.  Anyhow there it is.  And old Ion too, I am glad.  Graham and Vic have both got Military Crosses.  Vic, I know thoroughly deserves his.  He went and bombed a German sap head.  I should not be surprised if he did not get something else for the Hooge show.  There ought to be a lot for that Sanctuary Wood business………..

Peter is in great form, at present he is up in support and if the present scheme goes on working we shall never be “in town” together, which is rather a shame.  I found him last night wandering about looking for a trench and led him gently by the hand to his appointed place!  Vic told me this morning he though he was going to be good.  I am sure he will be.  So you still feed the sick with dough-nuts.  Those cakes you make are awfully good, thank you so much.  I am back again, Madame, in the room where you think I should not be!  The garments have gone.  So you like Bobo.  I am so glad.  His anxious expression is due to the fact that he suspects Eustace of having designs on his tail as a nest.  He has only just thought of it and has not had time to curl it up.

We had really quite an amusing time in the trenches.  I have made a little kind of bridge just behind the parados, which Master paces in nautical style all night.  It’s fittings consist of a range finder, compass, glasses, signal pistol and a patent director of my own.  I can see the whole country round for quite a long way and also the aeroplane flash light from a big town in the Germn lines.”

 MID 23.6.15

Facsimile of entry in Daily Telegraph 23rd June 1915

{next post 29th June}

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