GWL 22nd June 1915

The bold Peter has arrived, and is full of war.  He has gone to A Coy.  He is in great form and looks very fit.  Now he has arrived I don’t feel so anxious as I thought I would.  A very quiet day yesterday and very hot………. There is absolutely no news whatever – Things go on much as usual – Fritz or Hans or Otto playing their little tricks as usual.  They discharge missiles at us & we at them, but whether it all helps one jot only time will show.

Being frightfully sleepy, having had two hours in 48, I will say bye bye for a bit”.

“Peter” is probably Herbert Raphe (later known as Raphe) who was George’s younger brother who also served in the 2nd  Glosters throughout the War with a period of time with the Duke of Wellingtons (East Riding). He also served in WWII finishing up as Lt Col with a Military Cross.

Elsewhere: Third Battle of Lemberg ends as city retaken by Austrian forces.

{next post 25th June}

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