GWL 20th June 1915

A very hot day.  Your letter of the 16th arrived yesterday, likewise a mighty parcel, for which many thanks to you and Mother; the eau de Cologne is a luxury, isn’t it?………..However having paid farewell to romance and gone up to a trench for a bit we returned to a most palatial palace.  Brass bedsteads, but no spare garments.

I am glad Ion is having a jolly good rest.  I had a delightful letter from him yesterday.  He seemed full of beans and bed.  Colonel Davie has arrived to take over command.  An awful disappointment for Nisbet I am afraid…….. A slight coolness on our right this morning.  Fritz and one of our regiments got quite angry with each other for a bit.  I believe that they are a new lot of Fritz’s.  Perhaps Otto’s this time.  The man who kicks has been taken away, also the lady in a blue skirt.  He now displays many Turkish flags.  In fact his parapet is rather an extraordinary sight.  Half way between us is a broad belt of bright red poppies, thn nearer him another belt of daisies then his brown and white parapet with heaps of flags and then the background of a gently rising green slope with a good many trees.  Rather pretty in a way.  I have never seen such poppies anywhere.”

A description of colour in a war often seen in black and white.  The Turkish army were an integral part of the Central Powers and had four Armies at the outbreak of war.


{next post 22nd June}

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