GWL 18th June 1915

Our little rest being over, we go back again to ye trenches.  Just think, 100 years ago almost to the minute my worthy great grandfather was scrapping like the devil, not so very far away from here – Gallant old gentleman he lived to over ninety.

Another topping sleep in the garden this afternoon.  Aeroplanes and things flying about in the air, and guns popping off at them.

How is Ion?  Has the measle appeared yet?  Send me one if he has lots to spare.  Must be lovely weather in England for measles.  Why measles of all things should be chosen to devastate the British Army, I cannot think.  Enteric seems comparatively rare.

Poor old Hooge seems in the middle of things again, in fact every spot has brightened up a good deal.  It is about time we heard something about St Eloi again………Where, I wonder, will the gallant Peter have his first look at this very great adventure.  I feel responsible for the lad almost now and rather old.”

The Centenary of the Battle of Waterloo!  It would seem that the Editors great great great great grandfather fought at Waterloo, presumably on the winning side!

{next post 20th June}

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