GWL 15th June 1915

Again such a lovely day.  Rather more wind than usual, which makes it delightfully cool.  We have discovered to our great joy a garden which contains many strawberries just getting ripe – With a bit of luck we ought to have had a wild duck and a couple of pigeons this morning.  I sent a couple of subalterns out to shoot them with revolvers, but the rabbits missed them.  If they will only leave us here the strawberries should be ripe in about 10 days.

“There is absolutely no news.  I am glad you have got a little job.  The costume must be very becoming.  What a good thing it is that nurses’ kit is so becoming.  How many of these good ladies, I wonder, would nurse (sic) if sackcloth and ashes were prescribed by the medical authorities.  How would “Constance ” look? You would bet she would make the best of it though.

Bobo presents his complements and appears herewith – also Eustace his life long.” (Sketch of poodle and small bird enclosed) [sadly these have been lost]

{next post 17th June}

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