GWL 14th June 1915

C. Company is mine now and Witts, Langdon & Parkes are my subalterns.  The clothing has arrived so Dinham told me this morning and, – I have not seen it yet, – he says it is awfully nice.  Thank you so much.

Last night we went out to dinner.  A really excellent dinner and just a drop of bubbly to wash it down – We also discovered a very fine supply of old brandy!  The day we quit this spot, if it remains as it is, will be a sorrowful one indeed.  We have never had such good billets in our lives.  That was a most excellent parcel.  We will have “two zeps and a cloud” for breakfast to-morrow I think.  French Zeps are rather tough.  The cherries are ripe in the orchard, aren’t we lucky?  To-day the company was washed.  Poor things they wanted it.  So did Master when he got in….. As the private soldier says “Roll on the end of the war.”

{next post 15th June}

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