GWL 13th June 1915

We are out for a bit now.  Very good billets indeed.  My room obviously belonged to some young lady; vide two pairs of stockings & a pair of bifurcated garments found in the cupboard.  Somehow I feel I ought not to be there.  Wonder who & where she is poor girl.  Room, nicely furnished in every way, induces sentimental reflections on the wrongs done to women.  Cry myself to sleep!  Seriously though, very good billets; we each have a room, there is a smoking room & a dining-room and a bath room – and all within easy range of Fritz.  A parcel has just come from you, but I have not opened it yet.  I am awfully glad I took to my thin things before coming off leave.  I am glad old Ion is getting a bit of a rest.  Poor old thing, he must just about have had enough of it.

The general, dear man, says the war will be over on July 14th, but whether this or next year we don’t know!

Could you send me another book or two.  I have so enjoyed those you have sent.  For the last day or two I have done nothing but meet old school friends.  Yesterday one from my preparatory school & to-day another man from Rugby.  Colonel Nisbet, Fane, Witts and myself all from Rugby in the Regiment.  I forgot to say that the leather case for my periscope has arrived safely; could you please tell Mother.”

{next post 14th June}

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