GWL 11th June 1915

Our own anniversary was very wet here.  Although quite cool we had a thunderstorm and it rained nearly all day.  Much draining going on to-do to get rid of the water.  All your letters have come up to the 7th and this morning a parcel with socks, jam and handkerchiefs.

We are collecting animals of various kinds here.  Head Quarters have two dogs and a kitten.  We have a very small white puppy, who wears a red cross band round his tummy, the cross coming in the middle of his back, and looks very smart.  The last day or two I have had a slight internal upset, nothing much; due to change in weather I think.  Quite all right now.

We organise spy hunts as a form of recreation here.  The men frightfully keen on it.  Anybody found in our lines not wearing our uniform and badges is hauled before yours truly.  The bag yesterday was very varied, we got Vicary’s young brother; two R.E. majors and a captain, but so far no real winner though we have hopes.  It adds zest to life.  I am longing for the day when we bag some bally budding poppy from the Divisional Staff; We still pursue our agricultural labours – I have a couple of old men in the company who in civil life lay drains.  They are coming in very handy in the wet weather.  I have also a lady’s cutter if you want any clothes.  He is Witt’s servant.  Caught a flea last night and killed it after a stern encounter.”

{next post 13th June}

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