GWL 9th June 1915

Yesterday morning was like a furnace and in the afternoon we had a monstrous thunderstorm.   From now on I suppose I must be prepared to be greeted as of old when I look out of my front door.  My new subaltern has arrived, quite a nice lad, older than myself I think with rather a rubicund countenance but pleasant withal.

Fritz did a remarkable thing last night.  He exploded a mine under his own trench.  How the deuce he did it I cannot think.  Suddently there was a big explosion in Fritz’s trench and his supports apparently thinking the trench had been taken started firing into it and bombing.  Shrieks of laughter from T. Atkins Esq. – There is a large hole in his parapet, which he has not been able to mend as we keep a gun on it all night.

In addition to the man who kicks and waves a flag Otto now has a lady in a dark blue blouse and skirt and a white straw hat, standing up on the parapet.  She has not shown any signs of life yet.  Yesterday was rather remarkable altogether.  Fritz was most irregular.  He shelled at 7PM instead of 4.15PM and we had no evening machine gun.  It is quite sad when an otherwise pleasant opponent breaks loose like that.  We shall have to reconsider all our programme of working parties – Damn – The company writes too many letters, it evidently wants more work! Must stop now.”

{next post 11th June}

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