GWL 7th June 1915

A lovely parcel has arrived with your cake in it, which we are eating now and it is very good indeed.  All your letters have come up to the 4th June.  I hope you had a good day on the river.

Fritz to-day is in a destructive mood and has been busy knocking down houses all afternoon.  Agreat deal of noise and smoke, but not as yet very much material damage.  I see poor old Hooge is still the scene of much strife.  Jolly good thing we are out of that spot.  Not at all healthy.  It was such a pretty place even when ruined, & people who saw it in October say it was quite lovely.  I wonder who has got the mahogany clock and pink shaded lamp now.

I still want socks.  I really do, and if you will knit them for me I shall like them all the better.  “Forest Folk” is a nice book just finished; now I am reading “Simpkins Plot”.  It is most amusing.

On again all last night; considerable amount of gardening and general farming being done.  We seem to have been here a long time, but it does not look as though we should get out yet a while.  Oh! I had a lovely bath to-day.  The headquarters have all the modern conveniences and I trotted in and engaged the bath-room this afternoon.  Praying with some success that Fritz would not turn on any “crumps” during the operation – so clean once again – shooting bad and a blank day in the home covers.”


Hooge saw intense fighting through the winter of 1914 through the summer of 1915.  The village was totally destroyed and one of the largest mines was detonated by the British in July 1915 creating the Hooge Crater which remains a land mark in the Ypres Salient.

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