GWL 5th June 1915

Another lovely day; your letters up to the 2nd June have all come.  The Brigade Staff has gone down with measles with wonderful unanimity.  Any chance of a stray measle for master, I wonder.  I think I should look rather nice in red spots.   The doctor has just been in – Quite mad! – He wanders round most of the day picking up odds & ends for his dressing station.  24 railway rails has been his bag so far to-day.

This place has the reputation of being an easy one, but there is precious little sleep for the officer man.  There are so few of us and such a lot of jobs to be done.  I have not been to bed for three nights now, nor have my subalterns.  The regiment on our right yesterday dug up a trench mortar in their zeal and roused Fritz from his afternoon siesta with it.  Fritz awoke in wrath and for about two hours there was quite a little fray with mortars and grenades.”

Periodic epidemics of infectious diseases including measles were not uncommon and could prove fatal.  Quite what the doctor did with 24 railway rails one can only guess!

{next post 7th June}

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