GWL 3rd June 1915

Just cut my finger, so be not alarmed at any marks of “blug”.  Fritz has been most entertaining to-day.  He has made a dummy which moves its arms and legs and waves a small flag.  We pot at it and it kicks.  He still flies kites and hoists flags and is a s regular as ever in his shelling and evening machine gun.

Just a few spots of rain this afternoon.  A little would not be a bad thing as there is a good del of dust about just now.  Did a little hay-making last night – Fritz got rather worried, wondering what was up and gave us a Brocks Benefit – very fine –

Have got all your letters up to the 31st.  I do so enjoy them, you cannot think how much.

One of my subalterns is an old Rugbeian, who left about two terms after I went to Rugby – an awfully nice fellow, who has done a good many different things in the business line including a little company promoting as far as I can make out.

From the papers there seems to be a push going on at Ypres – We always said that as soon as we had come back from that front line they would have to retake it all again.”

Brocks Benefits were free firework displays put on by Brocks Fireworks Ltd at Crystal Palace.  Elsewhere on the Eastern Front Przemyl was retaken by Austro-German forces.

{next post 5th June}

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