GWL 31st May 1915

A lovely day.  Here we are again in trenches; quite good and Fritz at present flying red white and black kites, but whether in pure light-heartedness or for some ulterior motive I cannot say.  It is all very different from the place from which we have come.  So different that it seems impossible that it can last but you never know your luck, do you?  

I think I am happier where I am.  I had practically no machine gunning to do on the Brigade show.  It was somebody else’s work I did all the time and that is never satisfactory.  I had done all the M.G. work in the first week.  My one regret about it all is that you may worry more;  and that is a very big regret.

The company headquarters consists of a mess room, master’s dug out with couch (!) two other dugouts also with couches and a kitchen.  Not bad, is it?  The rooms are rather larger than I would have built myself but that cannot be helped.  The mess room has a bell to the kitchen.  There is also a cat.  Fritz, when feeling lighthearted, used to play the regimental march of the battalion whom we relieved.”

George would have done well as an Estate Agent!

{next post 2nd June}

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