GWL 30th May 1915

Another lovely day.  Yesterday we went up by motor bus to have a “look see” at the trenches.  Very nice indeed and at present very quiet.  Let us hope they will remain so.  A man can ride a bicycle right into the trenches so that gives you a pretty good idea of how different they are from the others.  What a blessing it would be to get a really quiet piece for a change.  I do hope it will remain thus –

“Basdell is back again quite fit & will come in useful.The country round here is lovely.  Very flat, but plenty of green fields and trees.  One very fine orchard should produce some excellent cherries in due time.  The most remarkable thing is that all the civilians are living in the town, which is hardly damaged at all.

Your letters up to & including the 27th have arrived.  That little bit of leave was the best ever, wasn’t it.”

This gives an indication of the marked difference in the effects of the war across a relatively short distance.

Elsewhere: Affair of Sphinxhaven (Lake Nyassa).  British command of the lake secured.  A truly world war.

{next post 31st May}

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