GWL 29th May 1915

Well, I am once more a trench wallah!  Many damns, but it must all be for the best, so don’t worry.  After all they are short in the battalion, and I am in the battalion, so really it is rather natural they should want me back.

They are awfully good trenches we are going to.  The General says they are the best in France.  He knows them well.

A perfectly glorious day.  I wish I had thou here in peacetime.  It is so pretty.  Everything beautifully green, although a bit dusty in places.  Rather a bad business about the Triumph and Majestic, isn’t it?

So now you won’t forget to change the address on my letters, will you?  I will get all the ones you have written here as I have arranged with the clerk man.”

HMS Triumph and HMS Majestic were two pre-Dreadnought Battleships both sunk by German U-boats off the Dardanelles on May 25th and 27th respectively.

At this point the Battalion had moved south to a new position in Armentieres just to the west of Lilles.

line may 1915

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