GWL 27th May 1915

Back once more after an all too short five days.  We had quite a good journey back here; the only wait of any length being in Boulogne where we sought in vain for a car.  Finally we took the passenger train and aided by a series of motor buses arrived here about 2 AM.  Movements are uncertain but at present I am at the same place from which I started my leave.  It was awfully hot yesterday and some of the country looked so lovely as we came along in a very slow train.  

Rather a windy day and not much sun.  Rather dull I think chiefly from dust.  My careful servant had all my clothes washed for me so the only things I want are undergarments to replace those cast away.

A good deal of desultory banging going on.  What exactly happened the other morning I cannot find out as at present I am the solitary occupant of this camp with the exception of a very moody cow and a grubby calf.  It does not seem quite so strange being back here as I thought it would.  I think in five days one has hardly time to uproot entirely from this kind of life.  I think we got the most out of it, don’t you?”

The assumption is that George managed to get back to England for a few days R&R with Marion.  Boulogne was the main Channel port for troop movements into Northern France and Flanders.  By the 27th the Batallion had moved to Busseboom, just south of Poperinghe where they were held in reserve.  The Second Battle of Ypres concluded on May 25th.  British casualties for the whole battle were 60,000 men killed, missing or wounded.  The Battalion  lost 6 officers and 128 men killed, 5 officers and 368 men wounded and 3 officers and 77 men sick with total casualties of 587.

At home Mr Winston Churchill resigned as First Lord of the Admiralty following the disastrous Gallipoli campaign.

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