GWL 30th April 1915

81st Brigade HQ. Your letters up to the 25th have all arrived.  Such a glorious day, though still frightfully noisy, but the news seems better to-day.  I have been forced to the awful conclusion that Fritz’s Communications are much nearer the truth than our own.  That does not mean that he is as truthful as he might be.

There is no news.  I am very well indeed,but badly in need of a bath.  It is a problem that will need a great deal of solving.  John Guild told me he was writing on one of the postcards.  What I want really is a pair of riding breeches.  Hawkes can make them as he has the measurements.

The Germans seem to have heaps of ammunition, but they put some quaint things into their shrapnel.  One fired into a trench yesterday contained the back sight of a rifle and the trigger.”

On April 29th Sir John French met with General Foch and a planned retirement to a new line was agreed and carried out over the following few days under the command of General Plumer.

{next post 6th May}

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  1. Just found your wordpress blog after googling around, looking for polygon wood 1915. Very nice to read it. One suggestion, though : could you add some tags to the posts so visitors could filter them on key words ?


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