GWL 28th April 1915

Your letters have all come up to the 22nd.  Thank you so much.  Still a great deal of noise one way and another.  We don’t know what is happening at all.

Yes, Sears sweets have come and are much appreciated.  Altogether a very fine parcel.  Prunes very good indeed.  So you are enjoying your holiday?  I am glad.  Lovely weather, quite warm and sunny;  all the trees coming out and the flowers too.  There is an immense difference between today and a week ago.  In the garden of this ruined but once palatial residence there sat a small stone cupid underneath a rhododendron bush.  Alas, the day before yesterday a “crump” came along and carried him to heaven.  He is now no more – Sic transit.  He looked very charming sometimes in the sun.

I wonder how old Ion is getting on in his little bit.  There has been such a lot of “hate” this afternoon, I think the French must be trying to make amends – Oh for another million men and heaps of ammunition to get this blessed show over once and for all.”

The fact that even in Brigade HQ they had no idea what was happening gives an indication of the confusion that was prevalent.  At this stage the 2nd Gloucesters were based variously in Sanctuary Wood and further north towards Potije.  They were acting mainly as reinforcements and on trench duty.

Elsewhere the First Battle of Krithia in the Dardanelles campaign began.  This was the first attempt to make inroads in the Gallipoli campaign but failed through poor communication and leadership.

{next post 30th April}

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