GWL 21st April1915

I have got a job.  I am Brigade Machine Gun Officer, 81st Brigade & live with Brigade HQ and don’t have to go into trenches for duty – just going round at night to “look see”.  I have not had time to write since leaving our town.  Rather a lot to do one way or another and it takes a little time to get used to the new routine.  One thing I find awfully hard to get used to and that is walking about the country in daylight! – Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Rather lively round here the last few days.  Some really large stuff flying about.  Have you got the postcards all right?  I think they are rather nice.  All the trees are coming out, there are one or two daffodils about too.  Please order from Hawkes as soon as possible a pair of Bedford cord riding breeches.  He has my measurements all right.”

On April 17th the first major British mine of the war was exploded under “Hill 60”, a small knoll which was of strategic importance as a look out because of it’s elevation.  In the ensuing fighting the Gloucesters provided covering fire while being intermittently targeted with German Minenwerfer, or trench mortars.  In the days fighting following the mining of Hill 60 five VC’s were awarded.  Despite counter attacks by the Germans, Hill 60 was held.


Presumably George was at this time in Brigade HQ behind the front line and not exposed to the fighting.

{next post 24th April}

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