GWL 16th April 1915

All your letters up to the 13th have arrived and a parcel of two books.  Thank you so much.  I am glad you are going to Exmouth.  It will be a lovely change for you.

There may be rather a long gap again after this; as far as I can see we go in again to-night for 12 days.  It seems to get worse and worse each time.  I will do my best to write, but I hate to rely on other people remembering to post my letters.  I am always so afraid they will forget and then you won’t get it.  I always stamp them and post them myself.  So far the ones I have entrusted to others seem to have fetched up all right.

My dear old Dad seems to be having a good time in Scotland and getting lots of fish.  I wish there was some news with which to regale you, but this seems a very barren place for gossip.  Most people seem much too busy.

It is a great change to be able to get a moderately good little dinner in town.  You cannot think how nice it is to eat off a table with a cloth on it!  We had quite a nice bottle of Graves Superieur the night before last.  Also I walked upper proper front stairs to bed the first night we were here, for the first time since Aire!  I suppose it is not really so very unremarkable but it seems so.”

At 9PM the Battalion marched out down the Menin Road and once again relieved the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in preparation for the imminent “2nd” Battle of Ypres.


The “Menin Gate” Memorial today.


The Front just prior to the Battle.  The Gloucesters were part of the 27th Division as marked.

{next post 21st April}

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