GWL 15th April 1915

A lovely day.  I have spent the last hour or two with Ion.  We went and had some beer in a cafe & then he took me off to lunch at his billet.  He has just gone, very fit indeed.

They shelled a bit this morning but not very close.  Quite near enough though.  Another Zep came over last night, but did not leave anything behind.  Yes, the baccy rolls up regularly; in fact everything does.  It is so nice.

I have got a small book of picture postcards, showing the main views of the town before and after the bombardment.  There must have been a great deal of beautiful old woodwork in the public buildings, all of which it is impossible to replace.  I don’t think the censor will stop them, at least I hope not.  Will you let me know?

There is no news.  We go in again to-morrow and dig most of the night – very necessary perhaps, but uncommonly annoying.

I am glad Miss Power is not bad.  She seems to have a liking for measles , poor child.”

{next post 16th April}

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