GWL 14th April1915

I have lost all the notes of the things I wanted to write about in your letters, like an ass, & now I am fairly up a tree.  Much rested, in spite of the fact that I fell out of bed last night! a thing I have not done for years.  Most unpleasant sensation.  I dreamt I was being hurled into a trench by Fritz.  So you have the photograph.  Is it anything like me?  Rather a queer get up, isn’t it?

I have not found Ion yet, but Clarence Gardner saw him here a day or two ago.  What is the general feeling as to progress of the war, in England?  We only see what is in the papers and that is very little indeed.  The parcels Mother sent off have arrived – very fine – particularly the mile or so of Swiss Roll.  Had some breakfast with some of the figs!  Tell her, will you, as I forgot in my letter to her to-day.  Also a letter from our Mozzer has turned up.  Don’t send any more green figs in the parcels, they are not quite ripe enough and don’t seem to look well.  Otherwise everything is lovely.  I do hope you will manage your visits.  There is nothing like seeing new faces & new surroundings to cheer away dumps when they come.  I know from experience that even the ugliest face on earth can be a god-send, even though the owner of it fills up the dug-out to bursting point.

Got a nasty shock the other day in my trench.  I was just lighting a pipe facing the parapet and something black suddenly bobbed up and went back again.  Having been in rather a long time, I began to think it was a German, but it turned out to be only a rat!  You get rather on the stretch after three days of continual watching and listening.  Must stop now.”

At this stage rumours were circulating of something “big” about to happen.  The Germans accused the French of using poison gas near Verdun – perhaps building an excuse for their subsequent actions.  Elsewhere the short Battle of Shaiba (Mesopotamia) came to an end.

{next post 15th April}

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