GWL 13th April1915

We got back from the trenches very early this morning and have an excellent billet and a room to myself.  Such an enormous mail, which I have loved reading, but will postpone answering until tomorrow, as I am just a little bit weary after eight rather trying days without a wash or boots off.   Four continuous days in the trenches are trying at first, but I expect we shall get used to them all right.

This place is frightfully knocked about.  It must have been a beautiful old place in peace time.  All the tall buildings, of course have the tops knocked off them and most of the insides have gone.  On the whole a better piece of line, I think, than the old one, but it is rather early days to tell yet.  It has some new features, one being that we have rabbit wire along the tops of the parapets to keep off bombs!

A beautiful day; to-night Vicary, Bouncer and I are dining in a cafe!  odd isn’t it?  I rather think that old Ion is somewhere here. I am going out to try and make sure.  I am almost sure he is.  Nisbet’s back so your wandering husband goes back once more to his original haunt.”

Ypres was a wealthy town based on the cloth trade. The town pre-1914.

ypres pre 1914

The town sustained sustained shelling in the latter part of 1914 and Georges letter is an accurate description of the devastation.

ypres 1915

The town was faithfully reconstructed between the wars. The Cloth Hall today.


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