GWL 8th April 1915

Your letter of the 4th was delivered at the “Royal Dug-out” this morning.  We had rather a wet Easter Sunday, but Burges & I went to church at 7.45AM.

There is no news, the weather is none too good – a good deal of rain and the mud seems to be coming back again, but let us hope for the best.  Toops got a lucky one through the leg yesterday.  The people promoted from the ranks have all gone now, Rummins being sick.  No, I don’t think there is anything I am in need of now for this show.  A good supply of books is the great thing.  I have begun “Sinister Street” and what I have read is I think charming.  Yes, I am afraid letters for the next four days will be impossible but I will do my very best.”

Sinister Street is a semi-autobiographical novel by Compton McKenzie first published in 1913.  On the 8th April the Regiment moved up to the front, relieving the Royal Irish Fusiliers.  C Company were split between Bodmin Copse and “Stirling Castle” just south of the Menin Road.

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