GWL 6th April1915

In a large and roomy dug-out.  Just a few lines to prevent the mail from being a blank for you.  Fritz is about 500 yards away.  I will send this in by the ration party, let’s hope that the man will not forget to give it to the orderly people to stamp.

Yesterday it rained all day & the roof leaked a good deal, but a water proof sheet did the trick.  The present arrangement is I think loathsome.  As far as I can see we shall not get a wash for eight days, and letters will be rather irregular.  The ration man might lose the letter, and then you would not get it.

Thank you so much for the books.  I am reading “Naval Occasions” at present and like it awfully.  Trenching without a book is a loathsome performance.  I used to try without it at first, but found it quite impossible.  They seem to do a good deal of gunning round this way – Things are flying around most of the day.  There is one road in particular that they shell all day and night on and off – Rather silly because nobody uses it – Isn’t it funny?

Water round here is really scarce.  We have to be awfully careful.  Washing in shell holes & things like that”.

Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailor-man by Bartimeus (Lewis Anselm Da Costa Ricci) is an anthology of short stories about naval life in peace and war and was first published in 1914.

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