GWL 4th April 1915

This must be an awfully short letter.  The mail goes in a very short time.  There may be some difficulty in writing during the next week so don’t worry if one does not turn up.  I went to church this morning – very simple and nice – Last night Ion turned up.  He and his are on the move.  He looked very fit and well.”

Easter Day.  The 81st Brigade including the 2nd Gloucesters were given orders to march to Ypres via Vlamertinghe.  C and D Companies (including George) continued on to relieve French troops near the Ypres-Roulers railway. C Company ended up in Nonne Bosschen Wood or Nun’s Wood.  Nonne Bosschen Wood lay just to the west of Polygon Wood and was the scene of fierce fighting in November 1914 during the third phase of the First Battle of Ypres.

Nonnebosschen map

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