GWL 2nd April 1915

Two letters 30 & 31st came this morning, and an enormous and beautiful cake from Mother……….No news, we are still in our wood, but I think our stay is drawing to a close now.  Anyhow all good things must come to an end some time, mustn’t they?  And this rest really has been most welcome and we are all much better for it.

Really somebody with a patriotic turn of mind should get busy amongst those strikers.  I don’t believe that people who do not know as much as we do here realise what an immense amount of damage they are doing.  To-night we dig again, I shall ride out, it is much too far to walk for fun!  The pony is simply eating his head off.  Yesterday we were inspected by a high and mighty personage, who spoke winged words.  The amount of scent used by one of his A.D.C.’s was awful.  You could have laid a drag with the little brute.  Those people annoy me frightfully.  They are a blot on the landscape.  I must close, and go and pay my Commando, though what they are going to buy except eggs, I cannot think.”

The strikes referred to are probably the Cydeside Govan ship workers strike which indirectly led to the Munitions of War Act passed to try and prevent disruption to the supply of munitions.  The “high and mighty personage” may well have been the Bishop of London who was visiting the Front at that time with his Chaplain – possibly the highly scented ADC!

{next post 3rd April}

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