GWL 1st April 1915

Bismark’s & Bouncer’s Birthday!

Note the noble combination above!  Oh memorable day, what will it bring forth?  Between you & me I know we have to dig all night at the best.  

Still in our little wood and really to-day it is good to be alive.  A lovely warm sun & not a cloud in the sky & not a breath of wind.  To celebrate the coming of spring I have acquired a new “cap comforter”.  It is of a fine bright blue and combined with my yellow chamois leather waistcoat lends a spot of colour much needed in a khaki saturated land.  The effect is very fine & to obtain full effect it is worn well over the right eye completely concealing the right ear…… So you are going to learn to cook, are you?  It is a most useful thing to be able to do I am sure, but I do hope that it will never be necessary for you to do it in earnest.  You know you never stamped your last letter:  It arrived alright and nothing to pay.”

{next post 2nd April}

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