GWL 30th March 1915

Thank you so much for your letter of the 27th.  So the whole Power family, practically, is now assembled in the ancestral halls.  It must have been awfully nice to see them all.

Still in our little wood, and still awfully cold; a hard frost last night and a full moon.  The pieces has a concert and a big bonfire. One side of you was roasted and the other frozen.  “Tipperary” finally drove me to bed about 10PM.  I am so glad about Arthur and his job.  It seems really good this time, doesn’t it?  Besides he will  probably be able to get away a bit more than formerly……. Plenty aeroplane again to-day;  we are all wondering what will happen on Bismarks birthday April1st.  I really believe Fritz is a species of religious fanatic.  All his big attacks have been either on Sunday or on somebody’s Birthday.  St Eloi was on a Sunday.  He always shoots much more in our part on Sunday then any other day.  People say that Voormezeele church was very famous all over Belgium.  Somebody found an old wine vessel in the ruins, which is quite famous.  It is supposed to be dated from 700 A.D.  It was returned to the padre of a neighbouring town.  Padre quite bucked I believe.  It seems rather a shame that things like that should be damaged and lost, doesn’t it?  We hold little point to point meetings here, great fun.  Bouncer and I went out last night and looked out a course for this evening.  I cannot get a horse that will jump at all. Nisbets old horse is no good.  This is a terrible place for devouring books.  I get through an awful lot.  I always try and keep one in reserve for the trenches and have not started the one your Moter sent me yet.  Do send me another!”

voormezeele church

Voormezeele Church heavily damaged.

{next post 1st April}

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