GWL 29th March 1915

I did not write yesterday, it seemed rather a full day.  There seemed to be rather a lot of things to do.  We are still in our little wood and as it has frozen for the last few days the place is drying up beautifully.  Last night we had a real sleep.  The first for a good many days – very sleepy.  This evening we are having a joint Battalion sing song with the Royal Scots and a big fire.  We hope it won’t be interrupted by Fritz from the air.  He has been rather active in that element for the last few days.  They say we bagged two, further back.  three days ago.  I did so love the books you sent….. So you have been seeing Arthur.  I am glad he was looking well.  I should like to have had a look at the old thing.  Your letters of the 25th & 26th have come, and you made me laugh very much indeed.

Rummins and Capel-Cure have gone sick.  The originals are beginning to get few & far between.”

On the 28th the first passenger ship (SS Falaba) was sunk by a U-boat.  On the 29th the British Government concluded an agreement with American rubber interests that rubber should not be exported to countries other than Great Britain.

{next post 30th March}

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