GWL 27th March 1915

Yours of the 23rd & 24th have arrived and also another excellent parcel containing, amongst other things, some bangers & ginger & a piece of soap – also chocolate, vaseline and ginger biscuits.  Thank you all very much kind people.  So dear old Ion heard all the gunning, did he?  There was a good deal of row certainly one way and another.  It was sweet of the old thing to think of us.  Heavens I have not seen Arthur for nearly two years, have I?  Or was it just before we left for Malta?  I cannot remember a bit.  The excellent toe of the new socks has been duly noted and appreciated.  They are very excellent socks in every way.  Vicary has sent the films home to be developed and I think the best way would be for you to write and ask Mrs Vicary for a copy.

Poor Harrison’s wife had a very bad smash in a dog cart, and at first they could not tell her he had gone, &then apparently they told her he had got a job on the lines of communication & what happened then I don’t know.  Croft & he are buried side by side.  Strenuous days these – we dig all night or most of it & spend the day trying to keep warm.  The wind is still bitter.  The worst of it is that we have such a long way to walk before we get to the place at which we have to scratch.  Do you see that Fritz has offered peace on condition that he gets Belgium.  Let’s hope France & Russia won’t accept, it would fairly leave us in the ditch, wouldn’t it?


The Commonwealth War Graves record for Dickebusch New Military Cemetery where Croft and Harrison are now buried.

{next post 29th March}

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