GWL 26th March 1915

This day last year our Manchurian party was in Port Arthur!   How crowded the last eighteen months have been.  A very nice parcel came yesterday containing an extremely good cake, now defunct.  Last night we dug all night in a turnip field.  Horrible waste of perfectly good turnips, but I expect they will all turn (joke! unintentional but rather good) up again some day.  Yesterday I sent home some dirty clothes in a sand bag…….I think you had better send me out a new set of underthings & have the others washed.. I have not got a change now.  We are still in our little wood & all the cocki-olly birds are singing like anything.  We have not been shot at for three whole days.  Tremendous relief.  Major Nisbet has got a week’s sick leave to go and see the dentist, so now i’m commanding “B” company …….. I have been in all the Companies except ‘A now!  A kind of roving officer, who gets pushed off in any direction and never really gets settled.

I wish you could have been at our concert the other night, we sang beautifully – There is going to be another this evening if the head quarter people don’t kill us.  A parcel arrived for the regiment this morning “principally given by Mrs  George Power”. It came from the Association.

Topping bath yesterday – a great relief, because then for a short time if you feel a bit tickle now & then, you don’t begin to wonder!  Yesterday we had a bitter wind from the north, but the night was perfectly lovely.”

{next post 27th March}

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